Football Scouting Trainingcamps Dubai (FSTD)

Global Networking in Football / Soccer, Sports and Talent Promotion in Football / Soccer Scouting. Active Advisory Scouting Countries: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain.

We are hosting an exclusive training camp in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

The FSTD services include, among others:

  • Trip planning with our partners EMIRATES AIRPLINE and DNATA
  • Hotel and / or accommodation planning such as villas to strengthen the team structure or a selected selection of exclusive 3-7 star hotels
  • Training camp and camp from 5 days
  • Team accompanying transport airport / hotel and crew accommodation (villa) / training pitches
  • Team-accompanying translation services of all languages
  • Performance-based diet: Common breakfasts, lunches, dinners
  • International nutrition consultation
  • DNA performance enhancement tests, reports and evaluations
  • Indoor and outdoor training courses
  • Adidas equipments
  • Adidas Shoe Tryout
  • Fitness and Rehabilitation / Physio therapies and cooperations for the active players and the team / coaching staff
  • Organized press events in the team hotel or on the training ground with the local and international / brought in press, as well as sponsors
  • Joint visit to local attractions

For your personal offer contact our office and Mr. Werner Binek for a personal offer:


The Camp

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